About Us

Utility Submetering Systems is a full service water, natural gas and electric submetering company that has served the State of Arizona since 1994. Now, offering professional services in Southern California, Nevada and Arizona. Our services include water, natural gas and electric billing, meter reading, payment collections and installation of purchased or rented water, natural gas and electric meters.

Utility Submetering Systems will provide you with the best submetering solution for your property. We are confident that given the opportunity, your organization will experience the same reliable and professional service that has set the standard for submetering in Arizona.

As utilities pursue options to supply our growing population, one option involves capturing savings from conservation programs. Whether your searching for ways to control water or energy costs, we offer the most current measures and technology to manage utility resources and improve reserves.

Beneficiaries of improved efficiencies and cost-effective savings include water and waste water utilities, non-renewable energy, the utility customer, and the environment.

A major source of water savings is in the Homeowners Association sector where utilities typically bill the HOA through master meters and the residents pay for their water and waste water as part of the monthly Association dues. Embedded in this paradigm is little or no incentive for the end user, the resident, to save water because there is no direct pricing signal since water is paid for in the dues.

Drought, population growth and government regulations all contribute to rising water costs. Homeowners Associations are seeking to shift these uncontrolled costs directly to the resident instead of including them as part of the dues. Once residents become aware of and responsible for their own consumption, the overall usage in an entire community will be reduced by an average of 35%. That’s good for the planet and your pocket!



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