How Submetering Saves Money

How does submetering save money for HOAs and Homeowners?

Submetering is a solution to manage water/sewer, natural gas and electric costs for Homeowners Associations and apartments by offering equitable distribution of cost and peace of mind to residents. Residents only pay for the what they use and not their neighbor’s water or power. Submetering eliminates the residential water, natural gas and electric costs from the monthly homeowners dues. This keeps homeowners dues low and improves property values.
Submetering promotes conservation. When residents are accountable for their water, natural gas and electric usage, they will conserve. Submetering is the only way to detect costly leaks. There is a red triangle on the face of the water meter that moves when water is running through the meter so the resident can easily see when they have a water leak. A leaky toilet can waste as much as 50,000 gallons of water in 30 days!

What is submetering?

Submetering is a system that allows a Homeowners Association, property management firm, landlord, or other multifamily property to bill individuals for the water, natural gas and electricity they use in their home. City planners and developers designed Homeowners Associations and other multifamily communities to have one or several master meters that service many residents.

Water and sewer costs were simply included in the monthly homeowners dues or the landlord paid the entire water bill. This plan made sense when water/sewer rates were a fraction of what they are today and possible future water shortages were not a concerning issue. Sewer rates are tied to consumption. When residents are responsible for the utility, leaks are repaired, conservation begins and consumption is reduced leading to a reduction in water usage costs and sewer rates.

Submetering is a term used for installing individual meters on each home.
We install water sub meters that are manufactured by the same companies who manufacture City meters and are regulated by the AWWA (Association of Water Works).

How are we billed?

Utility Submetering Systems, LLC will read the meters, bill, and collect payments. A service fee is added to the water, natural gas or electric bill. All monies collected along with accounting reports are sent to Homeowners Association or Property Managers who in turn pay the master utility bill. Our customer service is the best in the west!

What rates and services are we billed for?

You will be billed at the same water/sewer, natural gas and electric rates as the local utility company charges.

Submetering promotes conservation, accountability, and increases property value. Thus, a savings and value for everyone concerned!

Submetering promotes water conservation

When residents are held accountable for their own utility use, they are more motivated to conserve. In fact, the average decrease in utility costs are 35%, some multifamily communities can reduce water costs by 50%!

We refer to this effect as Conscious Conservation.

Today’s serious concern for future water shortage mandates that we all will take responsibility for water conservation.

By submetering your HOA is also contributing to environmental sustainability.

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